Project Examples

Troubleshooting and Redesigning Network Infrastructure

We were approached by a small private school seeking assistance with issues related to Wifi and workstation network connectivity. A thorough inspection of the hardware and cabling revealed several problematic areas including a variety of consumer-grade Wifi routers and an unnecessary server assigning IP addresses. Our solution involved removing the Wifi routers, deactivating the server, and rerouting the cabling. We then proceeded to install a new professional-grade router and a Wifi MESH system for the entire facility. An exposed outdoor cable between two buildings was replaced with a new cable run through an existing underground pipe. Following the project’s completion, we noticed significant improvements: enhanced security of sensitive data, stabilized internet connectivity, and a reliable Wifi MESH system ensuring consistent coverage across all buildings. In line with our usual practice, we provided a comprehensive project closure blueprint, including a network diagram, hardware inventory, and future troubleshooting guides.

Microsoft 365 Migration from POP Email

A client approached us following a significant data loss, seeking to transition their on-premise server files to a cloud-based solution. After an intensive eight-hour discovery phase, we recommended and subsequently executed a transition to Microsoft 365. The migration process included transitioning old POP email addresses to Microsoft 365, and shifting on-premise files to a custom-designed file system within SharePoint. We also utilized DropSuite for email archiving and SharePoint site backups, leading to substantial cost savings – nearly $1000 annually on backup costs alone.

Microsoft 365 Optimization for a Retail Client

A retail client, who has been with us for a long time, shared that they were only utilizing the email functionality of their Microsoft 365 subscription. They also disclosed paying a substantial monthly fee for an industry-specific software used solely for estimating, while other tasks were managed via Google Sheets. To streamline their operations, we educated them about different Microsoft 365 licenses and its various applications. We also optimized their expenses by converting some paid user accounts into shared mailboxes, which are available at no extra cost. By familiarizing ourselves with their estimating software, we were able to migrate several processes to it, thereby enabling accurate reporting. Moreover, we developed a Microsoft List for quote tracking, adding an extra layer of redundancy since their Microsoft 365 environment is also backed up using DropSuite.

Providing IT Solutions for a Local Sealcoating Company

A retail client of ours, who recently ventured into business consulting, recommended our services to a local sealcoating company struggling with a sluggish internet connection and Microsoft Excel issues. This company was leveraging a server-based CRM software to connect three workstations in their main office, located in a rural area with only DSL internet access. To resolve their connectivity issues, we upgraded their system to T-Mobile’s 5G network. Furthermore, we engineered and executed a Microsoft 365 system, complete with email, and migrated their CRM to a cloud-based version. To streamline their financial processes, we introduced QuickBooks Online and automated their payment collection procedure.